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Our Mission

Curtain Up Theater is dedicated to fostering an inclusive space where stories can come to life through music and theater. We strive to inspire creativity, promote self-expression, and celebrate the transformative power of the performing arts within our community. Together, we aim to raise the curtain on a world of imagination, connection, and shared experiences.

Meet Our Board

Board Members

We're working hard on getting pictures and biographies for our entire board - check back soon for updates!

Treasurer: Adam Nodiff

Secretary: Jami Witherell

Publicity/Social Media/Publications: Stephanie Iodice

Grant Writing/Fundraising: OPEN

General Board Members:

  • Michele Kerrigan

  • Ashley Harmon

  • Tania Taylor

  • Kim Young

  • June Gurrie

  • David Byer

  • Rick Saunders

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